5 Most Downloaded Technology Brands During Quarantine


Are you managing a full-time remote workforce for the first time during quarantine? Then, you must require some tech tools to keep your quarantined team stay connected while working from home.


Thanks to modern technology, it has become possible for all employees, business partners, and other stake holders, to be as productive at home as they would be in the office.


Here are some of the most trending and downloaded technology brands being used during quarantine:


1. Video Conferencing: Video meetings are now essential to work in real-time. These face-to-face meetings are beneficial as they maintain clarity in communication. For video conferencing, the trending brands of today are Microsoft TeamsGoogle HangoutsGoogle Meet, and Zoom.



2. Project Management: To maintain the regular workflow of your team members, you can use TrelloBasecampAsanaAirtable, and if you are using Microsoft 365, then  Microsoft Planner may be useful.


3. Cloud Storage: One of the major challenges of working remotely is accessing the company’s internal server. But the advent of cloud storage has made this easy. Your entire team can access any information or share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, etc through cloud storage applications like DropboxGoogle Drive, and  Microsoft OneDrive.To transfer large files, WeTransfer is a great option.



4. Chat & Messaging: Many collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack have instant messaging built into it, however, there are independent ones like the ubiquitous WhatsAppFaceBook Messenger, and Telegram available as well.



5. Time & Productivity Trackers: Keeping a track of employees' productivity is very important especially when they are working from home. For this, you can download tools like TogglTodoist, and Focus Booster



These are only some of the tools that are widely used during the quarantine period. 


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