The Covid-19 crisis has changed our current lives substantially. This is the time when we all must stay strong and stay indoors to save everyone. But work cannot stop, and thus, almost everyone is working from home at the moment.

However, if you work from home, you would know that although it sounds easy, in reality, you’re always looking at how to improve productivity and maintain your productivity level while working from the comfort of your home.

Here are a  few hacks to maintain your productivity level while working from home:

Get up Early:While it is tempting to get up late as you don’t need to dress and go to work, getting up at the same time you usually do on the weekdays will go a long way in keeping you motivated and keeping up the work tempo.

Get Dressed:Try to dress formally as your home clothes make you feel lazier and less focused on work. Dressing up makes you feel confident and if you are doing video meetings, then it promotes a professional image of yourself.

Create a Schedule & Stick to It:If you’re wondering how to improve productivity, making a schedule of your entire day, preferably the previous night, can go a long way. It’s always better to plan your day’s work in advance so you can hit the ground running the next morning. Creating a schedule and a ‘To Do’ list will ensure that you will actually do what you need to do during the day.

Dedicate a Particular Space for Your Work:If you don’t already have a workstation at home, try to dedicate a particular space for your work. Ensure that the place is adequate for your working time and has all your necessary documents and gadgets at easy reach. Avoid working on the bed as it not very productive and not very ergonomic.

Minimize Distractions:Try to minimize the distractions around you as much as you can. As far as possible, do not work in a room that has a television and keep away from social media during ‘office’ time as that not only distracts you but hampers your work.

Everything takes time to learn. These are some of the ways which may help you in charging up yourself and there are many others. Don’t give up easily. Figure out which ones work for you and utilize them to make your days more productive!

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