In an increasingly virtual world, the conversation around how to take your business online is not just a consequence of Covid-19 and its particular circumstances, but a necessity to increase your outreach and presence in the market.

Here are 5 ways to seamlessly transition to an online business model:

1. Establishing/Choosing a platform

The foremost step is to decide whether to build your own website or use a third party platform. While utilizing platforms such as Amazon can be a good springboard for initial market reach, having a unique domain name, website or social media space can go a long way in your branding strategy. Domain names can be registered at major registrars like or

2. User-friendly interface

For an online business model, it is important to focus on creating a simple and hassle-free user interface for the customer to ensure a smooth experience. To ensure this, there must be an equal focus on the basic design and scheme, input controls, navigation controls, payment gateways, and customer support. To get ideas on interface design visit the UX collective.

3. Leverage social media for better visibility and engagement

In today’s times when social media is the preferred destination for people to meet and interact, having a good social presence can help businesses get better visibility online and engage with the customer base. Moreover, it can facilitate in providing easy customer support. The top social media platforms today are InstagramFacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

4. Create relevant content

Simply being present online is not enough. You need to have relatable and well-curated content on your website and social media channels to drive traffic, tell your brand story, and engage prospects. It should provide necessary information to the customer in a concise yet engaging manner in order to facilitate more conversions. is a site that provides some guidance on content creation.

5. Setting up a shopping experience

This is the most important aspect as you take your business online. It requires you to focus on aspects such as having a shopping cart and establishing a secure payment gateway to have a trustworthy and life-like experience.  Some of the popular payment gateways and platforms are and

If your business still doesn’t have an online presence, leverage these tips to take the plunge. It’ll be instrumental in giving your business the wings to reach greater heights.

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