If you always wanted to explore the beautiful skylines of Dubai and wake up to the cool breeze of serene beaches without having to miss your work, now is the best time for it. COVID-19 has brought about a considerable shift in the way people work, and the UAE government has leveraged this opportunity to promote a better work-life balance among its residents and foreign nationals. The government has launched new remote visa laws that allow working professionals from different countries to visit Dubai on a remote Dubai working visa valid for one long year.

With this visa, people working for employers outside of UAE in a work-from-home setup can visit the country and enjoy various facilities that people with UAE residency get. When you move to a new place, your mind gets the much-needed change it always craved for. It not only increases your productivity levels but also makes you feel happy from the inside. Moreover, everyone knows Dubai offers a safe and congenial environment for businesses, giving sharp minds a thriving atmosphere to innovate and boost their career prospects. With so much on offer, it’s a no-brainer to start your digital nomad journey from Dubai.  

Who Can Apply for Dubai’s 1-Year Remote Work Visa?

UAE is the first country in the region to launch this one-of-its-kind visa program. As a result, professionals and entrepreneurs can now enjoy the Dubai lifestyle without having to miss a single day of work. However, to get a visa for remote working, Dubai, you must be earning at least US $5,000 a month.

At the time of visa application, you will be asked to submit proof of your employment along with your passbook showing transactions of the last three months. If you’re an entrepreneur, you will be asked to show a valid proof of ownership of the company, three preceding month’s bank statements of your registered company, and an average monthly income of US $5,000.

Besides these documents, you must also have at least six month’s validity on your passport. This virtual working visa costs around US $287 + medical insurance with UAE coverage validity. Once your 1-year remote work visa is approved, you will be entitled to various benefits.

Using this visa, you can open your bank accounts in Dubai, enroll your children in schools, take full advantage of the state-of-the-art telecom, technology, and various other utility services. But that’s not it! The good news is that Dubai doesn’t levy taxes on individuals. With so much to gain, why wait? If you’re not sure how to exactly apply for the 1-year remote work visa and need professional assistance, you can contact us today.

Remote Work is Here to Stay…

As COVID-19 paved the way for remote work, you can rest assured it isn’t going away anytime soon. The Future Workforce Pulse Report released by Upwork, one of the world’s largest freelance marketplaces, states that by 2025 approximately 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely, highlighting an astounding 87% increase from the pre-pandemic levels.

These statistics reaffirm the belief that remote working is only going to expand in the coming days. Now that remote working is becoming widely acceptable and the new normal, you can enjoy the Dubai working from home experience. Whether you’re current employer is from the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Canada, or any other country, you can easily continue working for them while sitting in Dubai and enjoying the city’s vibrant lifestyle. All you have to do is apply for the UAE’s new remote work visa and wait for it to get approved.

If you love partying and working at the same time, you’ll fall in love with Dubai! Throughout your 1-year stay, you’ll also get the opportunity to chime in with other business community members, leading to an expansion of your professional network. So go ahead and apply for the UAE remote work visa today.

Want Help with Visa Application Process? We’ve Got Your Back

The thought of getting a remote Dubai working visa excites many, but when it comes to the visa application process, not many are comfortable undergoing the tedious process. If this sounds like you, let us do the painstaking job on your behalf. Zenesis Corporation is a well-known name in Dubai that offers top-notch services in various domains. Our bespoke services aim to simplify even the most complex business processes for our clients.

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