As the vicious tentacles of coronavirus are shackling the world from months, UAE has started to look forward to life. Lockdown of malls, restaurants, and work is lifting to boost the economy. Does it mean UAE will be one of the first countries to recover from the COVID-19 crisis?

Scroll down to know how the pandemic in the UAE is being dealt with:

Artificial Intelligence Tools For Contact Tracing

The country is first to use analytical data for live tracking COVID-19 cases in the area by developing an innovative digital dashboard. It’s a great decision-making tool to monitor the risk, take effective containment measures, and facilitate the health & safety of citizens and residents.

National Disinfection Drive Across the Emirates 

The municipality is diligent in sanitizing the suburbs, city lanes, and public transport daily from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. to limit the spread of the virus. Moreover, biosecurity checkpoints are installed everywhere to decontaminate people visiting public spots.

Efficient Mass Testing Programme

Testing is key to the early containment of the infected and preventing mass spread. UAE is leading the way and listed third globally in terms of screening per capita. It has established 14 drive-through testing centers and thermal screening facilities in all seven emirates.

Superb Healthcare Facilities

The population at high risk is receiving free Covid-19 treatment. Also, frontline workers are tested every week. In the effort to suppress the pandemic, the gulf country adopts plasma treatments that are by far effective on 40-50% recipients. Trials are ongoing for vaccination.

Strict Restrictions

Social distancing, restricted movement, compulsory testing/quarantine of foreign visitors, temperature checks at supermarkets, hand hygiene, wearing masks, and marked-off empty seats on Metro is the new normal in UAE. Strict restrictions and punishment are imposed for the violation.

Waning infection rate to zero is a long road, but if everything keeps moving in the same direction, the pandemic in the UAE can effectively be contained and the UAE can undoubtedly be among first survivor countries from the fatal coronavirus attack.

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