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    Representative Office licenses are used by foreign companies wishing to establish a business presence in Dubai and the UAE. A Representative Office is strictly restricted to do the advertising and marketing of the parent company product and services. It serves as an administrative and marketing center for the parent company. It is required to be registered with the Ministry of Economy (MOE) and to provide a bank guarantee in the amount of AED 50,000 that is payable in favor of the MOE.

    Activities are limited to gathering information and projects to be performed by the parent company’s head office. It is identical in all respects to a Branch Office except that it is not permitted to perform contracts or any other activities other than marketing of the parent company’s products and services and not allowed to issue invoices in its name.

    Obtaining a name and naming requirements

    For a Representative Office, the entity should have the same name as its parent, followed by the suffix “Rep office”

    Officer requirements

    One General Manager needs to be appointed by the parent company who will operate pursuant to a power of attorney issued by the parent company. It is required by law to appoint a Local Agent, who must be a UAE national or a company wholly owned by a UAE national and who has no entitlement to the business or the management of the Representative Office.

    Annual company returns

    There are no taxes payable, so no filing of tax returns (except for VAT) for the Representative Office, however, annual audited reports need to be submitted to the Ministry of Economy (MOE) while renewing the license every year.

    Business registration filing requirements

    For opening the Representative Office, the board resolutions and corporate documents of the parent company must be notarized and legalized in the country of origin including attestations by the relevant UAE Embassy. Passport copies of the General Manager together with a copy of his/her last UAE visa and the passport copy and Emirates ID card of the Local Agent will be required.

    Local office lease requirement

    An owned or rented physical office space is required to set up a business for a Mainland / Local / LLC, Branch Office and Representative Office.

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