Kirk Watilo

Kirk Watilo is a highly respected professional who leads multiple fronts at the global Community Associations Institute (CAI). He devotes a significant portion of his time to training and facilitating learning programs at institutions around the world on subjects like finance, communications, governance, developer transition, and best practices.

Kirk has led management teams for communities with budgets exceeding USD 85 Million with thousands of homes and acres. A widely acclaimed subject matter expert in high management, Kirk’s UAE experience includes managing Motor City in Dubai and working with a large management firm. One major focus for Kirk has been to provide leadership and advice to Owners Association elected Boards as the communities begin their self-governance journey, transitioning from developer control.

Kirk holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Long Beach USA and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a certificate in Judicial Administration from the University of Southern California, USA. He sits on the Board of the Community Associations Institute – USA.

Skill Sets & Competencies

  • Owners Association & Real Estate Management
  • Public Administration
  • Training & Mentoring