The Ultimate Guide to the Upcoming EXPO 2020 Dubai

COVID-19 may have managed to halt Dubai’s movement for a certain period, but the city is back on its foot stronger than before. Dubai had a lot planned for last year that had to be put on hold due to the pandemic, and the Dubai EXPO 2020 was one of the mega-events that were delayed for the same reason. As things are getting back to normal, Dubai is all set to host the Dubai EXPO from 1st October, 2021 to 31st March, 2022.  

This six-month-long mega event is based around the central theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” It aims to bring together the sharpest and brightest minds from around the world, giving them an avenue to network, showcase their unique inventions, and celebrate innovation. If you admire innovative ideas and want to experience what the future holds for the world, you should visit it.  

Things You Should Know About the Dubai EXPO 2020 

Dubai took part in the World Expo hosting bid and won the same on 27th November, 2013. Since then, Dubai is preparing to host the biggest event ever organized in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region. It is also the biggest event ever to be hosted in the Arab region as well. The Dubai EXPO 2020 is said to be the catalyst for technological, cultural, social, and economic transformation that will bring the global community on the same podium. It will give people the opportunity to share their innovative ideas with a view to work towards shaping a better future.  

With all COVID-19 protocols in place, the Dubai EXPO 2020 is all set to welcome people from 190+ participating countries. Every country will have its standalone pavilion featuring interactive exhibits. Besides innovative inventions, every pavilion will feature different exhibits around food, entertainment, culture, art installations, lavish meeting spaces, and a lot more. One day will not be enough to see the awesomeness this event will hold, so be sure to take a pass that allows you maximum accessibility to the different pavilions. 

Unique Exhibits That Will Draw You to the Upcoming Dubai EXPO 2020 

With a bid to celebrate human brilliance, the Dubai EXPO is sub-divided into three main themes, namely- sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. The sustainability theme focuses on how humans and nature can peacefully co-exist in a high-tech futuristic world. The Mobility theme focuses on coming up with smarter ways to facilitate an easy movement of goods/services, knowledge, and ideas worldwide. And the last theme, viz., the opportunity theme, focuses on unlocking the potential within us. This theme aims to help people understand and get inspired by how opportunities are being created around the world for a bright future.  

Each pavilion will be focusing on one of these themes and are well-worth your attention. Though every pavilion is going to be exceptionally impressive, the following deserve a special mention. 

  • Visit the Czech Republic pavilion to witness a revolutionary water solution – a solution that uses solar power to extract water vapor from air.  
  • Ever thought of mixing copper in your clothes to turn its surface into a virus’s untenable home? The Chile pavilion is going to do the same by leveraging antimicrobial nano-copper technology.  
  • If you always wanted to see flying cars, now is the time. Uber will showcase the future of travel by testing its flying cars in the event.

There’s a lot more scheduled for the event that will keep you up on your toes in excitement. Besides the exciting, innovative exhibits, be ready for the endless spread of global food items, music, dance, drama, cultural programs, live events & performances, and much more. You can visit the event with your colleagues, friends, family, or any like-minded person. This event is set to give you unforgettable experiences, so be sure not to miss it.    

Location of the Dubai EXPO 2020 

What makes the event more exciting is its location. It is the first time when the government is building a city within Dubai city called Dubai South to host the entire event. Spread across 438 hectares of land, Dubai South is near the Al Maktoum International Airport to facilitate easy transportation of international guests. A separate metro station is also being built, exclusively for this event, so participants and visitors have no trouble reaching the venue.  

The Expo 2020 metro station will be one of the biggest metro stations of Dubai, with a capacity to handle approximately 46,000 passengers//hour. Once the EXPO starts, you can also expect easy connectivity via bus routes for maximum convenience. The organizers will also be launching a Dubai EXPO 2020 app especially for the Dubai EXPO 2020 with multiple built-in features to enhance the visitor experience. You can book the Dubai EXPO tickets for the event using this app or any authorized ticket seller. The tickets may be available for booking on a future date.  

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